AD-3552 Performance Enhanced FFT Comparator
Dependable Production Line Partner !

To meet the demands of rapid change in the factory automation industry, A&D offers a powerful field tool with a new high level of performance.

The AD-3552 was created with a comparator function for machinery vibration & noise testing for production.

The AD-3552 FFT Comparator provides noise and vibration analysis that instantaneously delivers judgments "OK" or "NG"(no-good)for product testing of bearings, motors, etc.


Compact, lightweight 1x1.4DIN enclosure easily mounted into rack.
Dedicated for comparator, easy to handle.
Compatible to Ethernet. Central control by a personal computer.
Effortless operations through touch panel interface.
With the utility software(provided free), files can be transferred between
a PC and the AD-3552 FFT Comparators through Ethernet.

When a single AD3551 FFT comparator is in use,
a setup wizard allows easy setting of conditions.
A setup wizard allows easy setting of conditions.
The AD-3552 FFT Comparator has a built-in
PC that features superior reliability and fast response.
Setting judgment parameters for level, partial overall, octave band, total overall is practicable. (Block: 20 types, Shape: 1 type, Total overall: 1 type)
Judgments under complex conditions can be delivered by combining comparator logic (AND, OR, NOT).
Using a DI/DO board, the AD-3552 FFT Comparator can output judgment results and be controlled externally.

Applications and Processing Flow

Setup Windows 1

Analytical Conditions


Judgment Criteria

Graphic Display Windows

Spectrum 1/3 Octave

        AD-3552 Front image                                     AD-3552 Rear image
Input Section
Maximum Analysis Frequency 20kHz
Number of Input Channels 1
Input Connector BNC
Input Form Single-end
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Input Capacity 100pF or below
Input Voltage Range 100mVrms, 1Vrms, 10Vrms
Input Coupling AC, DC, ICP (0.5mA, 4mA)
AC Coupling Characteristic -3dB at approx. 0.5Hz cutoff frequency
Input Tolerance 200V AC
Dynamic Range 80dB (typical)
Overload Detection A/D data over 91% of full scale
Underload Detection A/D data less than 5% of full scale


Analysis Section

Analysis Frequency Range 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz,1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz
Sampling Frequency 2.56 times of analysis frequency range
Sampling Clock Internal sampling
Aliasing Filter Correlated with analysis frequency range
Block Size 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 points
Real-Time Frequency 2kHz
Frequency Resolution 201, 401, 801, 1601 lines
Window Function Hanning, Flat-topped, Exponential
Data Acquisition Mode Free-run, First-trigger, Every-trigger
Averaging Frequency-domain: Added average, Peak hold, Exponential average
  Averaging: 1 to 9999 times
  Overlap: Max. 93.75%
Trigger Trigger source: Input channel, External input channel
  Trigger level: Designated with percentage of full scale
  Full scale of external input channel is 25V.
  Trigger slope: +/-
  Trigger delay: -100% to +100% (Frame size ratio)
Calibration Linear, dB


Analytical Function

Time-axis waveform, Power spectrum, 1/1 octave, 1/3



Display Scaling Full scale, Fixed scale
X-Axis Linear/Octave
Y-Axis Linear/Log/dB
Display Format Amplitude/Power



Time-domain Differentiation/Integration
Frequency-domain Differentiation/Integration
Acoustic weighting A, C, FLAT


Comparator Function

Block Comparators 20 types
Shape Comparator 1 type
Overall Comparator 1 type
Judgment Method Level, Overall
Logic AND, OR, NOT
Judgment Display “OK”, “NG” (Green, Red, Yellow)
Judgment Output Contact output of BUSY, OK and NG signals
Judgment Start External Input Contact input



Measurement data(MFU file), Result list file(CSV format),Setup file
*Measurement data and Result list file for saving only.



5.7-inch STN color LCD (320x240 dots)


Touch Pane

Resistive analog touch screen



Ethernet 10Base-T
DO(Digital Output) 31ch (Busy, each comparator judgment result, total comparator judgment result, etc.)
DI(Digital Input) 11ch (Start, Stop, Pause/Restart, Setup file 1 to 20 read)
Serial Port RS232C


General Specification

Operating Temperature and Humidity 10-40℃, RH 85% or below (Non condensing)
Power Supply 85~250V AC(50/60Hz)
External Dimensions 144(H)×192(W)×169(D)mm
Weight Approx. 5kg